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Installing the PCL driver

  1. Insert the Driver CD-ROM into the CD-ROM drive.

    • If the [User Account Control] window appears, click [Yes] or [Continue].

    • Make sure that the CD menu is displayed, and then go to Step 2.

    • If CD menu is not displayed, double-click [Autorun.exe] in the CD-ROM, and then go to Step 3.

  2. Select [Install printers/MFPs] and select [PCL].

    The printer driver installer starts.

  3. Click [AGREE].

    • If you disagree, you will not be able to install the driver.

    • In the language display box, you can change the language used with the installer as required.

  4. Select [Install printers/MFPs] and click [Next].

    • When Printers/MFPs are detected on both IPv4 and IPv6, you can specify [IPv4 Priority] or [IPv6 Priority].

  5. Select this machine from the list, and click [Next].

    • From among the connected printers/MFPs, the models corresponding to the printer driver appears in the list. If multiple models appears, check the IP address.

    • If the connection with this machine is not detected, no model appears in the list. In this case, select the [Specify the Printer/MFP Except for the Above. (IP Address, Host Name...)] at the lower part of the screen.

  6. Select the component to be installed and click [Next].

  7. Confirm the installation summary and click [Install].

    • If the "Windows Security" dialog box is displayed during processing, click [Install].

  8. Click [Finish].

    The installation is complete.

    • You can confirm the installed items and settings on [Installation Completed] screen.


    You can review the installed items and configuration.

    [Rename Printer]

    You can change the printer name.


    You can set the property of the printer.

    [Print Setting]

    You can open the [Properties] screen for the printer driver and specify several settings.

    [Print Test page]

    You can print test page.