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Before Installing the Printer Driver

The following describes the information necessary for selecting a printer driver.


This section describes the information you should keep in mind before installing the printer driver.

The procedure for installing the printer driver varies depending on how this machine is connected to the computer, operating system installed on the computer, and type of the printer driver to be installed.

To determine the printer driver to be installed and connection method, check the operating system of the computer and connection environment.

Select the installation method according to the printer driver and connection method.

Checking the printer driver type

The following types of printer drivers are available. Select the appropriate type of printer driver to suit the print objectives.

Printer driver

Page description language


PS Plug-in driver

PostScript 3

Recommended driver that has high print quality and functions that satisfy requirements. This driver is available especially to make prints using the Adobe application. This driver is also compatible with Mac OS.

PPD driver

When using an application that can create print data using the PPD driver, use this driver. This driver is not compatible with Mac OS. (Windows only)

PCL driver


Driver that has the same level of operability as that of an MFP for office environments. This driver is also available when printing fails using the PS Plug-In driver. This driver is not compatible with Mac OS. (Windows only)