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Overview of Printer Functions

This section describes the overview and connection environment of the image controller that provides the printer function.

Print flows

The following outlines the flow of operations for using this machine as a printer.

  1. Print data sent from an application is received by the printer driver.

  2. The data is sent to the image controller via the USB interface for USB connection or via Ethernet (TCP/IP, etc.) for network connection. Then the data is passed from the image controller to this machine.

  3. The image controller rasterizes images (expands output target characters and images to bitmap data).

  4. This data is printed from this machine.

  • While this machine is operating as a printer, originals can be scanned using the copy function or network scan function. To use the copy function of this machine, press the [Copy] tab on the touch panel.

  • When a print job is received during copying, the data is stored in the memory of this machine. When the copying is completed, the print job is automatically printed.

Role of the image controller

This machine with the built-in image controller provides the printing system. Printing is available from the application on the computer connected to this printing system.

The image controller provides the following functions.

  • Printing data sent from a printer driver on a computer

  • Support of network protocols including TCP/IP (IPv4/IPv6), IPX/SPX, and Bonjour

  • Printing via a network using Web service, SMB (Windows), LPR or IPP printing

  • Configuring settings for the machine and the image controller from a client computer via the network (using a Web browser)

  • Control of the number of pages to be printed (the User Authentication and Account Track functions)