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Remotely Controlling and Monitoring Machine

When the machine is connected with a Computer over a network, you can remotely operate the machine from the Computer. The machine status can also be remotely monitored. This function promotes efficiency in operation using a Computer keyboard and mouse.

Remote Panel functions:

  • Touch panel screens can be displayed on the web browser window and operated using a mouse.

  • Control panel keys can be displayed on the web browser window and operated using a mouse.

  • Passwords can be entered using a Computer keyboard.

  • Operations performed using Remote Panel can be recorded and replayed. It can be used to demonstrate operation procedures and apply the same procedures to another machine.

  • You can prohibit operating the machine from the touch panel and control panel (Lock Real Panel function). With this function activated, the machine operation is available only from the remote panel.

  • For details, refer to Remotely Controlling Machine (Remote Panel).

Remote Monitor functions:

  • The touch panel, job condition, and state of the machine can be monitored using the automatic reload function of the web browser.

  • Remote Panel can be displayed in an exclusive window.

  • For details, refer to Remotely Monitoring Machine (Remote Monitor).

Multi Monitor functions:

The following functions are unavailable:

  • Reading the screen performed by subsidiary system

  • Managing the power switch (main power switch/sub power switch, Power Save, Weekly Timer)