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Accessing Web Utilities

  1. Start the Web browser.

  2. Enter the following URL in the address bar and press Enter.

    • http://<IP address for the machine>:30091
      (ex) If the IP address of the machine is, enter "".

    • You can also access from the Web Utilities link on the [Administrator mode] screen or [Login] screen of Web Connection. For details about Web Connection, refer to Overview of Web Connection.

    The [Main Page] screen of Web Utilities of the machine is displayed.

    • For details about the network settings, contact your network administrator.

  3. To use the Machine Manager Setting menu, click [Machine Manager Setting].

    The password entry dialog box is displayed.

  4. Enter "admin" in the User Name text box, and the 8-character administrator password in the password text box, then click on [OK].

    The [Machine Manager Setting] screen is displayed.

    • The user name "admin" (for accessing the Machine Manager Setting menu) cannot be changed.

    • For details about the default administrator password, refer to the Quick Guide.
      If you cannot log in with the default password, contact the administrator.

  5. Make various settings as necessary.

    • To return to the [Main Page] screen, click [Main Page].

    • To enable the SSL encrypted communication, click [Enable] for [SSL Setting]. To re-disable the SSL encrypted communication, click [Disable] for [SSL Setting].