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Image Quality and Colors: Using Alternative Colors

Use the alternative color table in the printer driver for printing.

• Function Introduced in This Section

The image controller allows printing a particular RGB color / CMYK color by converting it to the corresponding CMYK color (alternative color). The original color and the corresponding alternative color are defined in an alternative color table.

• Intended Environment

Operating system

Windows 7


Adobe Acrobat X Pro

Printer driver

PS Plug-in Driver

Image Controller

Image Controller IC-602

* The sample screen may be different from the actual display depending on your system environment and application version/revision.

• Work Flow

STEP 1: Setting printer driver

• Precautions

  • To reproduce stable colors, in addition to regular calibration, use other pre-output image quality adjustments as necessary, such as when changing screens or papers or when hue is important. For details, refer to Pre-output Image Quality Adjustment.

Setting printer driver

Call a tone curve registered to the image controller and then set it for the printer.

  1. Open the original data with the application, and then click [Print] on the [File] menu.

  2. Select the printer to use for printing and click [Properties].

  3. Click the [Management] tab, and then click [Acquire Color Management Data].

    When the color management data is acquired, a green checkmark is displayed.

    • If the [Management] tab is not displayed, click   to switch the tab display.

    • If the color management data could not be acquired, a red x mark is displayed.

  4. Click [Manual Settings], and then click [Optional Settings].

  5. Check [Alternative Color], and then click [OK].

  6. On the [Print] screen, enter the [Copies] and click [OK].

    The particular color (RGB/CMYK) of the original is converted to the corresponding alternative color in accordance with the alternative color table.