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Loading Tab Papers in Paper Feeder Unit PF-709

Loading Tab Papers in a Tray

Example: 3 tab papers are inserted into each of 3 finished sets (a total of 9 tab papers)

Loading orientation

Stacking order

Finished set

  1. Withdraw the tray, and then open the feed roller.

    Withdraw the tray specified for a tab paper size.

  2. Turn the side guide fixing knobs of the side guide plate to loosen them.

  3. Load tab papers into the tray.

    • Place tab papers on the paper feeder unit tray referring to the illustration shown above.

    • Do not load above the limit level indicated on the side guide plate of the tray.

  4. Align the side guide plate to the edge of tab papers, then turn the side guide fixing knobs to fix them.

    • Be sure that the side guide plate and rear guide plate are securely aligned to tab papers. If 1 mm or more of a gap is found or tab papers skew in the tray, feeding trouble may be caused.

  5. Align the rear guide plate to tab papers.

  6. Push in the tray until it locks into place.

Needless Tab Paper Exit

The machine can be set to automatically discharge remaining tab papers loaded in a tray for one set without printing.

For example, when the tray is loaded with a set of 5 sheets (with 5 tabs) and only 3 sheets are used, the machine operates as shown below.




Printed on the 3rd tab paper

The 4th and 5th tab papers are automatically discharged