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Loading Paper in Multi Bypass Tray Unit MB-507

To use paper loaded in Multi Bypass Tray Unit MB-507, change the paper setting of the bypass tray in [Paper Setting] from the [MACHINE] screen or [COPY] screen.

  • Do not use paper with staples or paper that conducts electricity (silver, carbon, etc.), otherwise a fire may be caused. Do not use treated paper (heat-sensitive paper, ink-jet printer paper, etc.).

  1. Open the bypass tray.

    • When loading a large paper size, pull out the auxiliary guide.

  2. Load copy paper, then align the side guide plate to the paper.

    • The paper level indicator of the tray changes from " " to " " on the [MACHINE] screen and [COPY] screen.

    • Do not load more than 250 sheets (80 g/m2 / 21 lb Bond). Also, do not load paper above the limit indicated on the side guide plate. Otherwise, a paper jam may be caused.

  3. When printing is completed, close the bypass tray.