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Replenishing the Main Body Trays with Paper

To use paper other than loaded in a tray, change the setting of that tray in [Paper Setting] from the [MACHINE] screen or [COPY] screen.

  1. Withdraw the tray to be replenished with paper.

    • Trays cannot be withdrawn when the machine is not powered. Be sure to turn the sub power switch ON.
      Only one tray can be withdrawn at a time.

  2. Open the feed roller.

  3. Place paper with the print side down.

    • Do not load above the limit level indicated on the side guide of the tray.

  4. Align the side guide plate and rear guide plate to paper.

    • Align the stack of paper to the feed roller side of the tray. Pushing the lock release lever of the front side guide plate, move the both side guide plates to align them to the paper.

    • Be sure that the side guide plates and rear guide plate are securely aligned to the paper. If any gap is left between the guide plate and paper, the machine cannot detect the correct paper size, and machine trouble may be caused.

  5. Close the feed roller, and push in the tray until it locks into place.

    The Amount indicator of the tray will change from  to  on the [MACHINE] screen and [COPY] screen.

    • Do not push the tray into the machine forcibly. Otherwise, machine trouble may be caused due to unexpected shock.