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Replenishing Water Supply in Humidifier Tank of Relay Unit RU-511

When water supply from the humidifier tank of Humidifier HM-101 (optional) that is mounted to Relay Unit RU-511 becomes empty, the curl adjustment by humidification becomes suspended. In this case, the following message will appear in the message area of the screen.

[Humidifier relay unit is out of water / Please supply the tank with water]

The Humidifier Tank indicator lights in red in the [Consumable and Scrap Indicators] area of the [MACHINE] screen.

Do not add dirty water, well water, or filtered water to the humidifier tank.

  • The tank may be easily contaminated. Use decontaminated tap water, mineral water, or ionized alkaline water.

Follow the procedure below to replenish the water in the humidifier tank.

  1. Display the help message on the [MACHINE] screen, and then press [Consumable/Scrap].

  2. Press the [Water Tank] tab in the help message area.

  3. Follow the on-screen instructions. To switch between the pages, press [][].