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Replenishing Toner Supply

Even if toner supply from the toner bottle becomes empty, printing can continue with toner left in the toner storage.

When toner supply from the toner bottle becomes low, the following message will appear in the message area of the screen.

[Ready to print / Please add toner (K)]

The toner color indicator to be supplied lights in red in the [Consumable and Scrap Indicators] area of the [MACHINE] screen.

Toner bottles can even be replaced during printing.

When toner supply from the toner storage also becomes empty, the following message will appear in the message area of the screen.
[No toner / Please add toner (K)]

Before changing a toner bottle, be sure to check the toner type number indicated on the front of toner bottle inlet, and use a toner bottle of the same number. Using wrong toner bottles may cause machine trouble.

After inserting the new toner bottle, do not rotate the bottle by hand. The tip of the bottle may be deformed, resulting in a failure of toner supply.

Put a used toner bottle into the cover that is used for a new toner bottle, and pack it into the packing box. For the subsequent treatment, please contact your service representative.

  • Do not throw the toner bottle or toner into an open flame.
    The hot toner may scatter and cause burns or other damage.

  • Do not leave toner-related parts (toner bottles or drum units) within easy reach of children. Licking any of these parts or ingesting toner could damage your health.

  • Do not store toner-related parts (developing units) near devices susceptible to magnetism, such as precision equipment and data storage devices, otherwise they may malfunction.

  • Do not force open toner-related parts (such as the toner bottle). If toner tumbles from the toner bottle, take utmost care to avoid inhaling it or even getting skin contact.

  • If toner lands on your skin or clothing, wash thoroughly with soap and water.

  • If you inhale toner, move to a place with fresh air and gargle with a lot of water repeatedly. Should you get symptoms such as coughing, seek medical advice.

  • If you get toner into your eyes, immediately rinse them with running water for over 15 minutes. Seek medical advice if irritation persists.

  • If you swallow toner, rinse out your mouth and drink a few glasses of water. Seek medical advice if necessary.

  1. Display the help message on the [MACHINE] screen, and then press [Consumable/Scrap].

  2. Press the [Rep. Toner] tab in the help message area.

  3. Follow the on-screen instructions. To switch between the pages, press [][].

  • The number of replacements of the toner bottle can be counted. For details, contact your service representative.