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Replenishing Glue Pellets in Perfect Binder PB-503

When Perfect Binder PB-503 is out of glue pellets, warm-up of the binder cannot be complete, resulting in unavailability of the binding operation. In this case, the following message will appear in the message area of the screen.

[Please open glue hopper cover of perfect binder, add glue pellet to glue hopper]

The Perfect Binder Glue indicator lights in red in the [Consumable and Scrap Indicators] area of the [MACHINE] screen.

If glue pellets run out during the binding operation performed by the Perfect Binder PB-503, the machine stops the job immediately and binding operation becomes suspended.

Replenish glue pellets to the Perfect Binder PB-503.

  • Be sure to use the Glue Chip GC-501 exclusively provided for Perfect Binder PB-503. Using any other glue may cause machine trouble.

  • Do not touch the lever in the glue hopper with your hand to avoid breakdown.

  • Be sure to loosen glue pellets inside the bag before supplying them. Clustered glue pellets may stick inside the glue hopper. If glue pellets stick inside the glue hopper, please contact your service representative.

  • Do not supply glue pellets above the limit level indicated inside the glue hopper.

  • Be sure to close the glue hopper cover firmly. Otherwise, an error message will be displayed.

  1. Display the help message on the [MACHINE] screen, and then press [Consumable/Scrap].

  2. Press the [Glue Pellet] tab in the help message area.

  3. Follow the on-screen instructions. To switch between the pages, press [][].