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Precautions regarding operation management

For security, we recommend that supervisors and an administrator use the Enhanced Security mode and establish an environment as follows.

To a client PC to be used with this machine, apply the latest open update program to the operating system as well as applications (antivirus software, printer driver, Web browser, etc.) to maintain security.

Secure print files and authentication print files are not encrypted during transmission from a client PC to the machine. Implement measures against wiretapping, such as installing a cryptographic communication device or antibugging equipment, in order to protect secure print files and authentication print files.

  • Qualifications to be an administrator:
    A supervisor selects a reliable person who has adequate knowledge, technical ability, and experience as an administrator, to whom to delegate administration of the machine.

  • Guarantee of customer engineer (CE):
    A supervisor or an administrator can use the Enhanced Security mode after confirming that a service contract has been signed with a customer engineer (CE). Clearly state in the service contract that the customer engineer (CE) will not engage in any fraudulent actions.

  • Secure LAN:
    Be sure to connect the machine to a local area network protected by firewall in order to prohibit access from external networks. Be also sure not to have any illicit device connected to the LAN.

  • An administrator should designate the installation location to be available only for product users. Install the machine in a place securely locked during the night, and during the day in a place that allows the administrator to monitor the machine, so that any parts such as an HDD should not get stolen or any special device such as an internal analyzer should not be hooked up to the machine. Equipment removed from the main body, such as an HDD, should also be managed similar to the main body.

  • An administrator is required to be present at customer engineer (CE) works such as installation or maintenance.

  • An administrator should check at regular intervals that the date/time setting is correctly made on the machine.