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Functions of Enhanced Security Mode

Security functions are enhanced as follows.

Enhanced passwords

There are 5 different passwords provided for security functions.

  • CE password

  • Administrator password

  • User password

  • Account password

  • HDD lock password

Specify the CE password and administrator password using 8 to 64 alphanumeric characters (the alphabetic characters are case-sensitive).

The account password should be made from 1 to 8 alphanumeric characters (case-sensitive).

The user password is normally made from 1 to 64 alphanumeric characters (case-sensitive); however, the user password less than 8 characters cannot be used in the Enhanced Security mode. If you enter 64 or more characters, the last entered character will be identified as the 64th character.

The HDD lock password should be made from 8 to 32 alphanumeric characters (case-sensitive). If you enter 32 or more characters, the last entered character will be identified as the 32nd character.

If the account password is specified with eight or more characters, the last entered character will be identified as the eighth character.

The machine in the Enhanced Security mode also refuses any entry for 5 seconds, if a wrong password is entered for one of the 5 passwords mentioned above.

Should you forget any security-related password, take action as follows depending on the type of password.

  • For a user password or account password, contact your administrator.

  • If you have forgotten the administrator password or HDD lock password, contact your service representative.

We recommend that each password should be changed on a regular basis in order to prevent illicit access or falsification of data.

Data access

Ensure that a user is required to enter an enhanced password which has been set by the administrator, in order to save data into the user box stored in HDD or output the stored data.

When saving data into a user box, you can improve security by setting an enhanced password. Only administrators can delete folders and user boxes that contain data. Once a user box attribute has been changed, user authentication with an enhanced password is required. User authentication is also required to use saved data.

Limitation of network functions

When the Enhanced Security mode is set to ON, available network ports are limited to the ports used for the following print functions. Other network ports are not available.

IPP Print
LPR Print
RAW Print

Blocking external accesses

No access is allowed over telephone lines other than CS Remote Care.

Unavailable applications

When the Enhanced Security mode is set to ON, the following functions are unavailable.

  • Color Centro

  • Job Centro

  • Web Connection

  • Web Utilities

Create, save and analyze an audit log

A history of security function operations is created and saved as an audit log. Date and time, information identifying the person who made the operation, details of the operation, and results of the operation are saved, enabling analysis of unauthorized accesses. This log will be overwritten if the audit area is depleted.

Administrator authentication

A service representative is supposed to set up an authentication data for an administrator. According to this authentication data, the administrator gains authorized access by entering the administrator password. Only one authentication string can be registered per machine.

Administrator setting mode

The machine enters the administrator setting mode when password authentication is successfully made by the administrator. In the administrator setting mode, setting change of various machine functions is available.

Be sure to exit the administrator setting mode if you leave in front of the machine while using this mode.

IC Card

If the Enhanced Security mode is set to ON, the machine rejects the user authentication if it is made using an IC card.

USB port functions

When the Enhanced Security mode is set to ON, the following functions are available using a USB port.

  • USB Memory ISW (for CE)

Printing through computer

When the Enhanced Security mode is enabled, the authentication method is set to the MFP authentication. To store print data in memory in the machine or on the HDD, you need to enter the user name and password.

For details of the printer controller and printer driver which support the Enhanced Security mode, contact your service representative.

Synchronously set and restricted functions

When Enhanced Security Mode is set to ON, the following functions are set and restricted synchronously.

  • IPSec is also set to ON synchronously. At this time, IPSec is set to the default; therefore, change the setting to suit your environment.)

  • SSL is not available.