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Overview of Enhanced Security Mode

Use the Enhanced Security mode when the machine is connected to a local area network, or to external networks through a telephone line or other means. An administrator determined for the machine management should follow the instructions in this guide, so that users can have a safe operating environment.

To use the Enhanced Security mode, contact your service representative for the following settings.

A service representative should set a CE password for CE authentication and administrator password on the machine. The service representative uses the CE password for CE works. The administrator, who obtains the administrator password from the service representative, uses that password to make settings related to the Enhanced Security mode.

The administrator should never leak the administrator password out to others.

The administrator who acquired the administrator password manages the machine set up with the Enhanced Security mode by making the following settings in sequence:

  1. HDD Encryption Setting

  2. Enhanced Security Mode

  3. HDD lock password

  4. User registration

The administrator is also responsible in providing users with the following instructions:

  • Never leak his/her password out to others.

  • Be sure to log out when completing the machine operation after logging in upon the user authentication.

Be sure to use the Enhanced Security mode to prevent unauthorized access to HDD.

When the Enhanced Security mode activated on the machine, the security icon is displayed in the lower-right area of the touch panel.

If the Enhanced Security mode is set OFF, the security icon disappears. If the administrator accidentally sets the Enhanced Security mode to OFF, contact your service representative. You should ask a customer engineer (CE) to check the security environment and settings before activating the Enhanced Security mode again.