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Cannot Connect to the Scanner

If an error message is displayed when you attempt to access the scanner, perform the following checks.

  • Contact your network administrator about the network setting.

  1. Check whether the IP address of the scanner is correctly set.

    • If the IP address is not correct, enter the correct one.

    • If the IP address is correct, go on to step 2.

  2. Check the connection by performing a [ping] test for the IP address of the scanner by using the DOS prompt of your computer.

    • Example : C:¥>ping

    • To confirm the IP Address of the machine, contact your network administrator.

    • If timeout occurs, the connection is not confirmed.
      Check whether the main power of the machine is switched on, and also check whether the network cable is properly connected.

    • If timeout does not occur, the connection is confirmed.
      Go on to step 3.

  3. Check whether the IP router is correctly set.

    • If the IP router is not correctly set, set it correctly.

    • If the IP router is correctly set, go on to Step 4.

  4. Trace the routing to the scanner, and then check whether there are any error conditions within the network.

    • If any error is found, solve them.

    • If no error is found and yet the connection to the scanner cannot be established, contact your service representative.

    • If the Enhanced Security mode is ON, a job cannot be acquired by using an HDD TWAIN driver. For details, contact your administrator.