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If [Paper JAM] Message is Displayed

When a paper misfeed occurs in a copy job, the machine displays the message [Paper JAM] and misfeed area(s) on the screen.

The Start LED turns orange on the control panel, and machine operation cannot be continued until all the locations are cleared.

[JAM Position]screen





Message area

Detailed instruction to remove mishandled paper is displayed.


Jam number

Indicates a position of paper jam.



Press this key to display a screen that explains the first preference method of fixing a problem, along with illustrations.

Jam Processing screen





Message area

Explains in words the process to remove jammed paper, as shown in the illustrations.



Displays the process to remove jammed paper in preferential order using illustrations.



The keys are displayed when there are two or more Jam Processing screens. Press the key to move to next or previous screen.


[JAM Position]

To return to the [JAM Position] screen, press this key.

All the misfeed locations will be indicated by flashing/lighting numbers and arrows on this screen.

Flashing number and arrow indicate the jammed position of the highest priority.

Action to remove mishandled paper is displayed in the message area.

Pressing [Illustration] will display subsequent screens for the disposal action.

When clearing mishandled paper, heed the following precautions:

  • Do not turn off the main power switch or sub power switch while removing mishandled paper. Otherwise, the trays or conveyance fusing unit cannot be withdrawn.

  • If mishandled paper is left in the feeding inlet/outlet of the main body, the lever [M4] cannot be turned down rightward to draw out the conveyance fusing unit. Never turn down the Lever [M4] forcibly.

  • When removing mishandled paper, be sure to leave no torn paper inside the machine.

  • With the conveyance fusing unit pulled out, your hand may touch the drum surface if you put your hand as shown in the figure. Do not touch the drum surface, as it may be damaged.

  • When removing paper jammed in the fusing unit, be careful of the removal direction.

  • When attempting to pull out the stacker of Finisher FS-532 to clear paper jams, you may not be able to do so because it is locked.

  • Also, when attempting to return the pulled-out stacker to the original position, you may not be able to do so because it is locked.

  • In either case, turn the stacked knob, [FS8]. It will release the lock to allow for subsequent operations.

  • A jam code can be displayed in the message area of the [JAM Position] screen. For details, contact your service representative.