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Removing Paper Jam

  1. Press [Illustration] on the [JAM Position] screen.

    The Jam Processing screen is displayed.

    • Press [Next] to go to the next page of a series of illustrations, when there are two or more Jam Processing screens.

    • To return to the [JAM Position] screen, press [JAM Position].

  2. Follow the instruction on the screen to remove mishandled paper.

    • Before performing the clearing procedure, be sure to check the caution label locations inside the machine. For details, refer to the instruction booklet, "Safety Information".

  3. When completed, the screen returns to the [MACHINE] screen.

    If any misfeed location is left, the screen returns to the [JAM Position] screen with the next disposal procedure and the message on the display. Repeat steps 1 to 2 until all the locations are cleared. When all procedures for removing paper have been completed, the screen returns to the [MACHINE] screen.

DO NOT put your hand into the fusing part of the conveyance fusing unit.

  • Otherwise, you may get burned. Be especially careful when pulling out the conveyance fusing unit or opening the fusing part.

DO NOT put your hand or arm between the main body and conveyance fusing unit.

  • Touching a connection terminal or other electric parts may damage the machine or cause unexpected trouble. Please do not try to work yourself, but contact your service representative.

Removing Stuck Staples

Staples are very sharp!

  • Be careful of removing staples stuck inside the machine so as not to get injured.