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Driver Print Setting: Specifying Print Option Settings via Driver

This screen is displayed if you select [Driver Print Setting] in the [Controller Machine Setting Menu] screen. For details about how to display the [Controller Machine Setting Menu] screen, refer to CONTROLLER: Setting the Controller.



[Convert Paper Size]

When the specified paper is not set, specifies the Convert Page Size.

[Page Number Insertion Sheet]

Specifies whether to count a cover, separator or white sheet in the stamped page number.

[Number of Tabs]

Specifies a number of tabs. This setting applies only when printing with the PPD driver.

[Paper Size]

Specifies whether to adjust the paper size to the original or the specified tray.

[Duplication of Form Name]

If a form with the same name has already been registered when you try to register a form in the PS Plug-in driver, this option enables to specify whether to save the new form by overwriting the old, or to save both of them separately.

[Image Shift]

Specifies the distance of image shift. You can specify the shift distances to the right and to the bottom for each of front and back.