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PCL Setting: Registering PCL Default Settings

This screen is displayed if you select [Direct Print Setting] - [PCL Setting] in the [Controller Machine Setting Menu] screen. For details about how to display the [Controller Machine Setting Menu] screen, refer to CONTROLLER: Setting the Controller.



[Font Setting]

Specifies the default font settings.
(Default: Courier)

[Symbol Set]

Specifies the default font symbol set.
(Default: ROMAN8)


Specifies the number of lines per page when printing text.
(Default: 64 lines)


Specifies the proportional font size in points. (Default: 12.00)


Specifies the width of fixed-width font in pitch.
(Default: 10.00)

[CR/LF Mapping]

Specifies how to replace CR (Carriage Return), LF (Line Feed) and FF (Form Feed) when printing text data.
(Default: Off)