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FD-Mag. Adjustment: Adjusting FD-Mag. When scanning on the ADF

Adjust the magnification in paper feed direction when scanning on the ADF

  • Make this adjustment after completing [Adjustment] - [Machine Adjustment] - [Printer Adjustment] - [FD-Mag. Adjustment].

  1. Press [Adjustment] on the [MACHINE] screen to display the [Adjustment Menu] screen.

  2. Press [ADF Adjustment] and [FD-Mag. Adjustment] in sequence.

  3. Press [Print Mode].

  4. Load A4 paper in a tray, and select that tray.

  5. Place the test chart on the ADF tray, and press Start on the control panel.

    A sample pattern will be output.

    • Face the test chart surface upward and place it in the ADF tray.

  6. Make sure that the difference between the lengths (a) of the output paper and test chart is within the allowance range.

    Allowance: 0 mm ± 1.0 mm

  7. If any adjustment is required, press [Exit PrintMode] to return to the [FD-Mag. Adjustment] screen.

  8. Use the touch panel keypad to enter the set value.

    • Use [+/-] to specify the value to be positive or negative.

    • Press [Set] to change the Current Value.

    • Adjustment Range: -20 ([Short]) to +20 ([Long]) (1 step = 0.1%)

  9. Repeat steps 3 to 8 until the desired result is obtained.

  10. Press [Return].

    The screen returns to the [ADF Adjustment Menu] screen.