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Upper Gripper Operation: Selecting Upper Gripper Operation

Select the upper gripper operation for main tray delivery exit.

The upper gripper prevents sheet protrusions by retracting the output sheets in the main tray.

  1. Press [Adjustment] on the [MACHINE] screen to display the [Adjustment Menu] screen.

  2. Press [Finisher Adjustment], [Staple Finisher Adjustment], [Staple Finisher(Main) Adj.], and [Upper Gripper Operation] in sequence.

  3. For upper gripper operation, select [Auto], [ON], or [OFF].

    • Auto (Default): This option determines whether or not to activate this function based on the control setting before performing the operation.
      ON: Same as above ([Auto])
      OFF: This option deactivates the function for all type of paper. For example, when using thin paper, alignment may improve with this function disabled. Gripping may cause a paper deflection, thus creating misalignment. In such cases, [OFF] should be selected.

  4. Press [OK].

    The screen returns to the [Staple Finisher(Main) Adjustment Menu] screen.