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To reduce electricity cost

Setting the power save mode using the Power Save function

Power Save is a function that shifts this machine to power save mode when it is inactive, for example, by turning off the touch panel display. If this machine continues to be inactive for the specified period of time, it shifts to the power save mode to reduce power consumption. The Power key of this machine can be used as a power save key to manually shift to the power save mode. Power consumption can be further reduced by frequently shifting to the power save mode. If the user operates the touch panel or receives a job on this machine while the machine is in the power save mode, this machine automatically returns to the normal mode, preventing daily routines from being affected.

Automatically switching to the power save mode at the specified time (Weekly timer)

The weekly timer is a function that automatically switches this machine to the normal mode and power save mode at the pre-specified time. Installing the weekly timer allows you to establish an efficient power saving scheme to suit the office usage, for example, a lunch break, nighttime, or holiday.