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Switching to Power Save mode at specified time (Weekly Timer)

You can use the weekly timer for automatic switching between normal and power save modes. Using the weekly timer function enables you to save power efficiently according to your operating environment.

The following two methods are available to configure the weekly timer schedule.

  • Setting the switching schedule manually

  • Using the tracking function to automatically set On or Off time according to the operating status of this machine

In the administrator mode, select [Maintenance] - [Timer Setting] - [Weekly Timer Setting], then configure the following settings.



[Use Weekly Timer]

Select this check box to use the weekly timer function. Also specify the power save mode to be switched by the weekly timer, and the weekly timer schedule.

The weekly timer schedule can be used with [Date Setting] and [Work Time Setting].

If the [Enable Tracking Function] check box is selected, the schedule automatically set by the tracking function is specified by default for [Date Setting] and [Work Time Setting]. More flexible operation is possible by changing the automatically set schedule as required.

[ON] (selected) is specified by default.

[Power Save Mode Setting]

Select a power save mode to which the machine enters based on the weekly timer.

  • [ErP Auto Power OFF]: A mode that provides a higher more effective power saving effect. In this mode, you cannot receive all jobs.

  • [Sleep]: This mode has a lower power saving effect than the [ErP Auto Power OFF] mode; however, it allows you to receive print jobs from a fax machine or computer. The received jobs are printed when the machine returns to the normal mode.

[ErP Auto Power OFF] is specified by default.

[Date Setting]

Specify the date by day.

[Work Time Setting]

Specify the operating time for each day of the week. Select the check box for a day of the week you wish to set the timer, and enter the time period that power is turned on.

[Use Power Save]

Select this check box if you wish to turn the power off when the machine is not used during lunch break. Also enter the range of time during which the power is turned off.

[OFF] (not selected) is specified by default.

[Use Overtime Password]

Select this check box to restrict the use of this machine in the Power Save mode using a password. Also enter the password (using up to eight characters, excluding + and ").

To enter (change) the password, select the [Password is changed.] check box, then enter a new password.

[OFF] (not selected) is specified by default.

[Enable Tracking Function]

Select this check box to use the tracking function that automatically sets the weekly timer schedule to fit your office use status.

To use the tracking function, select [Auto Standby Adjustment Level] to specify the level at which it is judged that this machine is inactive. As the level is higher, it is more easily judged that this machine is inactive. Therefore, the off time is set to a longer time.

Select the [Clear Usage Data] check box to delete data of the use status learned in this machine and the schedule that is set automatically as the learning result.

[ON] (selected) is specified by default.