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Multi Puncher GP-501

This option is not provided in some areas.


Multi Puncher


Bypass mode

Transfers printed paper from the printer to the downstream without processing on the bypass path (straight path).


Punch mode

Punches printed paper from the printer on the punch path (U-turn path), and transfer it to the downstream.

Punch sheet size

Metric area: A4
Inch area: 8.5  11

Punch edge

Metric area: 297 mm
Inch area: 11"

Paper weight

- Punch mode

Plain Paper: 75 g/m2 to 216 g/m2 / 20 lb Bond to 57 lb Bond

Other Paper: 120 g/m2 to 216 g/m2 / 32 lb Bond to 57 lb Bond

- Bypass mode

64 g/m2 to 350 g/m2 / 18 lb Bond to 93 lb Bond

When using DS-507 or DS-514, the maximum weight is limited to 200 g/m2 / 53 lb Bond.

Paper bypass mode sheet size

Paper sizes and weights same as main body

Punch capacity

Single sheet


305 mm (W) 775 mm (D) 1,020 mm (H) / 12" (W) 30.5" (D) 40" (H)


Approx. 80 kg / 176 lb



Power supply

DC 5 V (supplied from the machine)
Metric area: AC 230 V, 50 Hz
Inch area: AC 115 V, 60 Hz


Metric area:
BTUs/Hour 1160 BTU/HR
Watts 240 W
Amps 1.8 A/1.7 A

Inch area:
BTUs/Hour 1100 BTU/HR
Watts 322 W
Amps 2.8 A