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Removable Hard Disk Kit RH-101


Removable hard disk kit (including two inner cases)


Pull out the HDD for the main body, and install it in the inner case supplied with the machine; it can be used as a removable HDD.

This allows you to separate the HDD from the main body for storage, enhancing the security.


  • Be sure to turn off the main power switch of the main body before inserting or removing the inner case.

  • The HDD can be used only on the same machine. It cannot be installed on another machine.

  • Using this option disables the Enhanced Security mode of the machine.

Power source

Supplied from the machine.

Maximum power consumption

70 W or less


150 mm (W) 260 mm (D) 110 mm (H) / 5.91" (W) 10.24" (D) 4.33" (H)


2.4 kg / 5.29 lb