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Turning On the Power

  1. Turn ON the main power switch.

    The main power switch is located inside the machine and can be reached from the left side door.

    It can be reached by first opening the front door, then the left side door of the main body.

    With the main power switch turned on, the Power LED on the control panel lights in orange.

    • The main power switch should normally be kept turned on. Be sure not to turn it off/on in usual operation.

  2. Turn ON the sub power switch.

    The sub power switch is located on the top-right surface of the main body.

    With the sub power switch turned on, the power LED on the control panel turns blue.

  3. The [Wake-up] screen and [Warm-up] screen are displayed.

    The [Wake-up] screen is displayed, followed by the [MACHINE] screen with warm-up indications.

    The warm up takes approximately 6.5 minutes.

    • Pressing the [COPY] tab on the screen during warm-up displays the [COPY] screen. When the message [Ready to set reserve job] appears on the [COPY] screen, you can set reserve jobs and scan originals while the machine is warming up so that the machine starts printing immediately after warm-up is completed. For details, refer to Reserving Copy Jobs during Warm-up.

  4. The message [Ready to print] appears on the screen to inform you that the machine can now print jobs.

    • If a key counter or copy card is required, follow the instructions on the screen.