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Configuration of Web Browser

Screen layout

The Web browser screen is comprised of the following components.






Displays the contents of a loaded page.

If the screen has multiple windows, their tabs are displayed at the top of the screen. Tapping a tab switches windows.

This system supports up to five tabs.

Tapping [] of a tab closes a page.



Tapping an icon on the toolbar moves and reloads a page, or displays and adds a favorite.

If you enter a URL into the address entry field, you can directly visit a page at the specified URL.

The toolbar supports Web browser settings.

For details on the toolbar, refer to Here.



Displays the operating status of the Web browser.

  • The currently connected icon is displayed during page loading.

  • If an optional Local Interface Kit is installed on this machine, the speaker volume is displayed by the speaker icon.

Tapping the speaker icon allows you to adjust the speaker volume. For details, refer to Here.

Description of the toolbar

The toolbar has the following available buttons.




Brings you back to the previous page.


Brings you to the next page.


Reloads and updates the displayed page.

If you tap this icon while loading a page, page loading stops.


Displays the page registered as the home.

The blank page is registered as a default.


Prints the currently displayed page.


Configures Web browser settings.

Two types of menus are available; one for the user and one for the administrator.