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Sending (Basic Operation Flow)

  1. Load the original.

  2. Tap [Scan/Fax].

    • It is convenient to use the fax mode when sending a fax. For details on the fax mode, refer to Here.

  3. Enter a fax number.

    • For details on how to specify a destination, refer to Here.

    • Specifying multiple destinations carries out computer sending and fax transmission simultaneously.

    • If necessary, you can change the display of the main screen in fax/scan mode (default: [Address Book]). For details, refer to Here.

  4. Configure the option settings for fax transmission as necessary.

    • For details on configuring option settings, refer to the respective columns of the following table.



    To configure basic options such as original size and resolution


    To configure options to scan various types of originals such as various sizes and books


    To adjust the image quality level of the original such as colored background (newspaper, etc.) or light printing original


    To print date/time and page number


    Other option settings


  5. Press the Start key.

    • Tap [Check Setting] before sending, and check the destination and settings as necessary.

    • To redo operations for specifying destinations or option settings, press the Reset key.

    • If the screen to confirm the specified destination or settings appears, check the contents, then tap [Send].

    • If the keyboard screen appears, enter the specified password, then tap [Send]. For the password, contact the administrator of this machine.

    Transmission begins.

    • If you press the Stop key while scanning an original, the scanning process stops, and a list of stopped jobs appears. To redo scanning of the original, delete the job from the list of inactive jobs.

  • The sender information is automatically added to a fax to be sent.

  • You can change the defaults for optional settings for fax transmission according to the operating environment. For details, refer to Here.

  • Before pressing the Start key to begin fax transmission, you can view the specified destination or settings on the Touch Panel to prompt the sender to reconfirm them. If necessary, you can set a password to approve the contents you have confirmed. If an incorrect password is entered, fax transmission will fail. (default: [OFF]) For details, refer to Here.

  • You can register multiple sender names and use different sender names depending on the destination. For details, refer to Here.