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Fax Mode

The fax mode only provides fax functions of the functions that are available in the scan/fax mode. This mode allows you to quickly recall the target function when using a fax.

The fax mode has the following features.

  • Only fax destinations are displayed on the screen to enable destinations to be selected from the address book. Other types of destinations such as E-mail TX destinations are omitted from the list, so it is easy to find target fax destinations.

  • Only fax functions are displayed on the main screen or Application Setting screen. This makes it easier to search for fax setting functions.

  • Specific screens can be customized in the fax mode separately from the scan/fax mode. You can select function keys to be deployed on the main screen of the fax mode or change the default status of the main screen.

To use the fax mode, deploy the [Fax] shortcut key on the main menu. For details on how to place a shortcut key on the main menu, refer to Here.

  • This manual describes fax operation procedures in the scan/fax mode.