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Printing on Banner Paper

About printing on banner paper

This machine accommodates paper with a length of up to 47-1/4 inches (1200 mm) in the Bypass Tray.

Printable paper

Paper width

Paper length

Paper weight

3-9/16 to 11-11/16 inches (90 mm to 297 mm)

18 to 47-1/4 inches (457.3 mm to 1200 mm)

33-13/16 to 55-7/8 lb (127 g/m2 to 210 g/m2)

Using the printer driver, select the paper type appropriate for the weight of the banner paper to be used.

  • 32-3/16 to 41-3/4 lb (121 g/m2 to 157 g/m2): Thick 1+, Thick 1+ (Side 2)

  • 42 to 55-5/8 lb (158 g/m2 to 209 g/m2): Thick 2, Thick 2 (Side 2)

  • 55-7/8 lb (210 g/m2): Thick 3, Thick 3 (Side 2)

How to print on banner paper

Register the size of the banner paper, then specify the registered size.

  1. On the screen of this machine, tap [Utility] - [Banner Printing].

  2. Select [Allow], and tap [OK].

  3. Check that the system is changed to the banner print job wait state.

    When you have finished the above settings, start to print from the PC.

  4. In the [Page Setup] window, open the window for registering a custom size.

    • Select [Manage Custom Sizes...] from the Paper Size list.

  5. Click [+].

  6. Enter the name of the paper size you are registering.

    • Be sure to use paper size names other than existing names, such as A4 and Custom.

  7. Configure the following items.

    • [Page Size:]: Specify the length and width as desired.
      Specify the paper size within the allowable range of the banner size (Width: 3-9/16 to 11-11/16 inches (90 mm to 297 mm), Length: 18 to 47-1/4 inches (457.3 mm to 1200 mm)).

    • [Non-Printable Area:]: Specify the top, bottom, right, and left margins of the paper.

  8. Click [OK].

    The custom paper size is then registered.

  9. In [Paper Size:] in [Page Attributes], select the registered paper size.

    • The registered paper size can also be selected in [Paper Size:] on the print screen.

  10. To display the Print window, click [Print] in the [File] menu.

  11. Check to see that the custom paper size (registered in Step 8) is shown in the [Destination Paper Size] of [Paper Handling].

  12. Check that [Paper Tray:] of [Paper Tray / Output Tray] is set to [Bypass Tray] and that the [Paper Type:] is set to the desired paper type ([Thick 1+]/[Thick 2]/[Thick 3]).

    • If the specified paper size is not in the allowable range of the banner size, [Paper Tray:] or [Paper Type:] is not grayed out to enable you to change them. In this case, check the setting of the custom paper size.

  13. Execute printing.

    A message that prompts you to load paper is displayed on the screen of this machine.

  14. Load the banner paper into the Bypass Tray.

    • For information on how to load banner paper into the Bypass Tray, refer to Here.

  15. When you have loaded a banner paper, tap [Complete].

    Printing on the banner paper starts. Support the ejected banner paper by hand. To continue printing, execute printing from the computer.

  16. Tap [Exit].

    A message confirming the end of banner printing is displayed. To terminate printing, tap [Yes].

    • If there is a queued job, the job is started.