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PDF Detail Setting

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      • [PDF Detail Setting]

If [PDF] or [Compact PDF] is selected for file format, you can configure the PDF option settings.




Select [ON] to encrypt a file.

Enter the password to restrict access to the file. To specify permissions for printing and editing PDFs more in detail, enter an authorization password, then specify [Encryption Level], [Printing Allowed], [Copy Contents], [Encryption Target] and [Changes Allowed].

For details, refer to Here.

[Digital Signature]

Select [ON] to add a digital signature (certificate) of this machine to a PDF file, and select [SHA1] or [SHA256] as the encryption level of the signature.

You can certify the author of a PDF, and prevent forgery or unauthorized modification.

This function is enabled when a certification is registered on this machine.

[Stamp Composition]

Specify this option to print date/time, page number, and header/footer on a PDF.

Select [Text] if you want to compose the text to be printed on a PDF as text. If you select [Image], the text will be composed as an image.

[Outline PDF]

Specify this option to save a file in compact PDF format.

The text is extracted from the original and converted into a vector image.