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To display:
  • [Scan/Fax]
    • [File Type]
      • [PDF Detail Setting]
        • [Encryption]

If [PDF] or [Compact PDF] is selected for file format, you can encrypt PDF files.




Enter the password to restrict access to the file. Create a PDF file that is accessible by specific users who know the password.

[Permissions Password]

To specify permissions for printing and editing a PDF file, enter an authorization password.

[Encryption Level]

When specifying permissions for a PDF file, select an encryption level according to the security level that you want to specify.

If you select [High Level 1] or [High Level 2], you can specify permissions in greater detail.

[Printing Allowed]

Select whether to permit printing of PDF files.

If [Encryption Level] is set to [High Level 1] or [High Level 2], you can permit printing of PDF files only in low resolution ([Low Resolution]).

[Copy Contents]

Select whether to permit copying of text and image from PDF files.

[Encryption Target]

Select the target to be encrypted.

Selecting [Other than Metadata] excludes property information from encryption processing.

[Changes Allowed]

Select the content of PDF for which modification is permitted.

If [Encryption Level] is set to [High Level 1] or [High Level 2], you can select the contents to be permitted in greater detail.