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Installation of LK-114_ManagerPort and Printer Driver

To use the serverless pull printing function on the user's computer, install LK-114_ManagerPort and the printer driver compatible with your MFP.

The installation order is as follows.

  • LK-114_ManagerPort

  • Printer driver

If the user's computer provides administrator privileges, distribute the printer driver and LK-114_ManagerPort to the user's computer. For details on the installation procedure, refer to Here.

When the user computer provides no administrator privileges, create LK-114_InstallTool using LK-114_InstallerCreateTool, then distribute it to the user computer. If necessary, LK-114_InstallTool allows a user to automatically configure LK-114_ManagerPort or printer driver settings. For details on how to create LK-114_InstallTool, refer to Here.