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User Box Administrator Setting

To display:
  • [Utility]
    • [Administrator Settings]
      • [Security Settings]
        • [User Box Administrator Setting]

If necessary, assign a user box administrator if the user authentication has been adopted into this machine.

The User Box administrator can register or delete User Boxes of all users and also use files in User Boxes and System User Box. If [External Memory] is selected for the System User Box, only the file printing is available.

If the administrator of this machine wishes to delegate the User Box management or the management of files in the User Box to a particular person, assign a User Box administrator.




Allows the User Box administrator to control User Box files or not.

[Restrict] is specified by default.

[Password Setting]

Enter the password of User Box Administrator (using up to 64 characters).

[E-Mail Address]

Enter the E-mail address of the User Box Administrator (using up to 128 characters).

If the total file size in the SMB folder exceeds 90% of the available hard disk capacity, a notification is sent to the E-mail address of the User Box administrator. If the User Box administrator's E-mail address has not been set, a notification is sent to the E-mail address of the machine administrator.

To log in as a User Box administrator, enter the following information on the login screen.

  • [User Name]: boxadmin

  • [Password]: Password specified above