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Registered Overlay

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        • [Registered Overlay]

In [Register Overlay Image], register original images to the hard disk of this machine as overlay image.

You can call a registered overlay image and compose it on an original that is scanned later.




Select [ON] to register a new overlay image or compose a registered overlay image on the original.

[Recall Overlay Image]

Specify which side of the paper to compose the overlay image, and select an overlay image to be composed. Check the density, composition method, preview, and other conditions of overlay image if necessary.

If you set [Apply on Back], the image on the front side is composed on the back side of paper.


Select the range of pages on which an overlay image is composed.

[Original Size]

Specify the size of the original. If the original is of a standard size, selecting [Auto] causes the machine to automatically detect the size. If the machine cannot detect the size of irregular sized originals or photos, manually specify the size.

[Register Overlay Image]

Register a new overlay image. If necessary, change the overlay image setting when it is registered.

  • When registering a new overlay image, tap [New], and enter the name of the overlay image.
    Load the original to the machine, then press the Start key to register the image. If multiple pages of original is loaded into the ADF, only the first page is registered.

  • You can overwrite or delete registered overlay images.

  • To use this function, the optional Extension Memory is required. Some models provide Extension Memory as standard. For details, refer to Here.

  • You can select whether to allow the user to overwrite or delete a registered overlay image (Default: [Allow]). For details, refer to Here.