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Stamp Repeat

To display:
  • [Copy]
    • [Application]
      • [Stamp/Composition]
        • [Stamp Repeat]

Stamp such as "Copy" and "Private" are printed on the entire page.




Select [ON] to repeatedly print a stamp.

[Stamp Repeat Type]

Select a stamp used. The date and time can also be printed.

  • [Preset Stamp]: Select a preset stamp to be printed.

  • [Registered Stamp]: Select a registered stamp to be printed.

  • [Date/Time]: Select a format (type) of date and time to be printed. The date/time when the original was scanned is stamped on the paper.

  • [Other]: Specify the job number, the machine's serial number, and distribution control number to be printed.

[Stamp Selection]

The registration status of the stamp is displayed.

[Detail Setting]

If necessary, select the print size, density, and other conditions.

[Change/Delete Position]

Allows to check, change or delete the stamp position settings if necessary. You can change the stamp sequence and insert a space between stamps. When you select up to four stamps, you can change their angle (within 45 degrees).

  • This function is available when the Web browser function is disabled. When the optional Extension Memory is installed, this function is available regardless of whether the Web browser function is enabled or disabled. Some models provide Extension Memory as standard. For details, refer to Here.

  • You can print multiple stamps, such as registered stamp, preset stamp, date/time, job number, and serial number, at a time. However, the number of stamps that can be printed may be limited depending on the type and angle of the selected stamps.