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Document Delete Time Setting

To display:
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    • [Administrator Settings]
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        • [User Box Settings]
          • [Document Delete Time Setting]

For all the Public User Boxes, Personal User Boxes, and Group User Boxes, the administrator specifies the time to automatically delete files from the date/time the files were last printed or sent.

This delete time is used as the time to delete files from an existing User Box and from a User Box you will create.




Allows the administrator to set the time to delete files from User Boxes automatically.

If set to [Yes], you cannot set a file delete time for each User Box when the box is created by [User Settings].

[No] is specified by default.

Delete Time

Sets a time to automatically delete files from a User Box.

  • When specifying the time in units of days, select [1 day], [2 days], [3 days], [7 days], or [30 days].

  • When specifying the time, tap [Time] and enter a value between five minutes and 12 hours (in increments of one minute).

  • To keep the files in the box, select [Save].