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Color Adjust

To display:
  • [Copy]
    • [Application]
      • [Edit Color]
        • [Color Adjust]

Adjust the color quality of the original for copying. You can check the finishing by printing a sample copy.




Adjust the brightness level.


Adjust the shading of an image.


Adjust the saturation level.


Adjust the intensity of red.


Adjust the intensity of green.


Adjust the intensity of blue.


Adjust the hue.

The hue refers to a color trend relative to discrete colors such as red, blue and yellow. By adjusting the hue, the image can attain more reddish or bluish tone, for example.

[Copy Density]

Adjust the copy density.


Sharpen the edges of the image to improve legibility.

Smoothen the rough contour or sharpen the blurred image.

[Color Balance]

Adjust the density for yellow (Y), magenta (M), cyan (C), and black (K). By changing the amount of each of the four toners, tints in the copy can be adjusted.