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Vertical Punch (Z-Fold) Position Adjustment

To display:
  • [Utility]
    • [Administrator Settings]
      • [System Settings]
        • [Expert Adjustment]
          • [Finisher Adjustment]
            • [Vertical Punch (Z-Fold) Position Adjustment]

When Z-fold and punch are specified together, use this option to adjust a punch hole misalignment.

If the positions of the punch holes on the paper are displaced vertically, use this option to adjust the punch hole positions.

Copy after configuration, then repeat adjustments as required.




Enter an adjustment value between -5.0 and 5.0 mm by tapping [-] and [+].

  • [-]: Move the punch position downward.

  • [+]: Move the punch position upward.

[0.0 mm] is specified by default.

  • To use this function, the optional Finisher FS-537/FS-537 SD, Punch Kit PK-523, and Z Folding Unit are required (only in ineo+ 658/558/458).

  • Make adjustment while checking a sheet of paper having punched holes that are not in the correct positions.