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Punch Vertical Position Adjustment

To display:
  • [Utility]
    • [Administrator Settings]
      • [System Settings]
        • [Expert Adjustment]
          • [Finisher Adjustment]
            • [Punch Vertical Position Adjustment]

If the positions of the punch holes on the paper are displaced vertically, use this option to adjust the punch hole positions.

Copy after configuration, then repeat adjustments as required.



[Paper Size]

Select the size of paper subject to punch hole position adjustment.

[Adjust Value]

Enter an adjustment value between -5.0 and 5.0 mm by tapping [-] and [+].

  • [-]: Move the punch position downward.

  • [+]: Move the punch position upward.

[0.0 mm] is specified by default.

  • To use this function, the optional Finisher FS-537/FS-537 SD and Punch Kit PK-523 or the optional Finisher FS-536/FS-536 SD and Punch Kit PK-520 are required (only in ineo+ 658/558/458).

  • Make adjustment while checking a sheet of paper having punched holes that are not in the correct positions.

  • The value you set by selecting [All] in [Paper Size] will be added to the setting for each paper size.