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Centering (Duplex 2nd Side)

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Adjust the print start position at the left edge of the paper relative to the paper discharge direction for printing the back side in 2-sided printing.

Press the Start key to print a test pattern. Check the test pattern, then, if necessary, repeatedly adjust so that the margin between the left edge and the print starting position is 3/16 inches (4.2 mm) ( 1/32 inches ( 0.5 mm)).



[Select Tray]

Select a paper tray that is used to adjust the start position for printing.

[Adjust Value]

Enter an adjustment value between -3.0 and 3.0 mm by tapping [-] and [+].

[0.0 mm] is specified by default.

  • Only 8-1/2 11 (A4 ) paper can be used for adjusting the Bypass Tray.