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Public/Personal User Box

To display:
  • [Utility]
    • [One-Touch/User Box Registration]
      • [Create User Box]
        • [Public/Personal User Box]

Register a Public User Box. If user authentication or account track is installed on this machine, you can register Personal and Group User Boxes. To register a new one, tap [New].



[User Box No.]

Registration number of the box. [User Box No.] is automatically registered from a lower number that is not used. When specifying a number, tap [User Box No.], and enter the value between 1 and 999999999.

[User Box Name]

Enter the User Box name that appears on the Touch Panel (using up to 20 characters).

Assign a name that helps you easily identify the User Box.


To use a password to restrict usage of the User Box, enter the password (using up to 64 characters).


Select a corresponding character so that a User Box can be index searched with [User Box Name].


Select [Public], [Personal], or [Group] depending on User Authentication or Account Track settings.

  • If [Personal] is selected, you can change the owner user if necessary. Tap [Change Owner], and select the user you wish to change.

  • If [Group] is selected, you can change the account name if necessary. Tap [Change Account Name], and select the account name you wish to change.

[Auto Document Delete Time]

Specify the period from the date/time when a file was saved in, last printed, or sent from a User Box to the date/time when it is to be deleted automatically.

  • When specifying the time in units of days, select [1 day], [2 days], [3 days], [7 days], or [30 days].

  • When specifying the time, tap [Time] and enter a value between five minutes and 12 hours (in increments of one minute).

  • To keep the files in the box, select [Save].

If the administrator has determined the delete time, you cannot set this option.

[1 day] is specified by default.

[Confidential RX]

Select whether to add the confidential RX function to the User Box.

To add the confidential RX function, tap [Confidential RX] and enter the password for confidential fax reception (using up to eight characters). Enter the password twice for confirmation.

The entered password is required for sending a fax using Confidential TX to this machine. Inform the sender of the password you entered here.

This function cannot be specified simultaneously with [Auto Save Document to MFP Shared Folder].

To use this function, the optional Fax Kit is required.

[Auto Save Document to MFP Shared Folder]

Select whether to automatically register the files saved in the Public User Box to the SMB folder.

This option is available when the Share SMB File function is enabled in this machine.

This function cannot be used simultaneously with the [Confidential RX].

If you select [ON], select whether to encrypt SMB communications with the client machine in [SMB Communication Encryption]. To use the encryption function, the password must be specified for the User Box. Enabling encryption accesses only from client machines of SMB 3.0 or later.

[OFF] is specified by default.

  • To change the User Box settings you have registered, select the User Box name and tap [Edit].

  • To delete an existing User Box, select the User Box name and tap [Delete].