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TPM (Trusted Platform Module) is a hardware chip used for data encryption and decryption. Using TPM allows you to securely manage confidential information such as certificates and passwords of this machine.

The TPM key for encrypting confidential information of this machine is saved in the dedicated storage areas provided on the TPM chip. These storage areas cannot be accessed from external devices; therefore, confidential information can be stored securely.

The information required to decrypt the TPM key can be backed up in USB memory, taking into account cases such as when the TPM chip needs to be replaced.

Using TPM allows you to manage the following confidential information securely.

  • Digital certificate

  • Administrator password

  • User Box administrator password

  • Log administrator password

  • User password

  • Account track password

  • HDD encryption passphrase

  • HDD lock password

  • SNMP server password

  • WebDAV server password

  • Remote panel password (when directly accessing this machine from another computer on the network)

  • Wireless LAN Adapter

  • To use this function, the optional i-Option LK-115 v2 is required.