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Web Browser Function

Available operations with the Web Browser function

Enabling the Web browser function on this machine allows you to access a Web browser using the Touch Panel of this machine.

The Web browser function supports the following operations.

  • Displaying and printing Web contents on the Internet or intranet

  • Displaying, printing, and saving a file on the Internet or intranet

  • Uploading scanned original data (via a server on the Internet or intranet)

  • Uploading a file in a User Box (via a server on the Internet or intranet)

  • Using a file in a User Box of an MFP on the network (via Web Connection)

  • Using dedicated Web browser settings (must be associated with My Panel Manager)

Specifications of Web browser

The following shows the major specifications of the Web browser to be used on this machine.



Browser engine



HTTP (HTTP/1.1), HTTPS, TCP/IP, WebSocket

Markup language

HTML 4.01, HTML 5, XHTML 1.1/Basic

Style sheet


Script language

JavaScript 1.7, ECMAScript Edition 3/5/5.1, Ajax (Limited to the JavaScript-supported range only)


Level 2, Level 3

File Type

JPEG, BMP, PNG, GIF, animation GIF, PDF

SSL/TLS version

SSL 3.0, TLS 1.0 /1.1/1.2

Character code

Japanese (Shift_JIS), Japanese (ISO-2022-JP), Japanese (EUC-JP), Chinese Simplified (GB2312), Chinese Traditional (Big5), Western European (ISO-8859-1), Unicode (UTF-8)

PDF viewer

Adobe® Reader® LE

  • The Web browser allows you to intuitively operate Web contents using gestures such as tapping and flicking. For details on the gestures supported by this machine, refer to Here. However, the long-tap operation is not supported.


Using the Web browser on this machine, you can access contents on the Internet using the Touch Panel of this machine.

Users will bear a responsibility for contents accessed, downloaded, and uploaded using Web Browser in the MFP, and other communicated contents. Users shall conform to the company rules and laws of the country where this machine is used.

Our Company will not bear any responsibility for use of the Internet by users.