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Creating a User Box

Create a Public, Personal, or Group User Box.

  • Personal User Box can be used when user authentication is employed.

  • Group User Box can be used when account track is employed.

In the administrator mode, select [Box] - [User Box List] - [New Registration], then configure the following settings.



[User Box Number]

Registration number of the box. Select [Use opening number] to automatically assign the smallest available number. When specifying a number, select [Input directly], and enter a value between 1 and 999999999.

[User Box Name]

Enter the User Box name (using up to 20 characters).

Assign a name that helps you easily identify the User Box.

[Assign User Box Password]

When restricting usage of User Box using a password, select this check box and then enter a password (using up to 64 characters, excluding ").


Select a corresponding character so that a User Box can be index searched with [User Box Name].


Select [Public], [Personal], or [Group] depending on User Authentication or Account Track settings.

  • If [Personal] is selected, specify the owner user.

  • If [Group] is selected, specify the owner account.

[Auto Delete Document]

Specify the period from the date/time when a file was saved in, last printed, or sent from a User Box to the date/time when it is to be deleted automatically.

  • [Do Not Delete]: Keeps the file in the User Box.

  • [Specify days]: Select the number of days until the file is automatically deleted.

  • [Specify Time]: Enter the time period before the file is automatically deleted.

[User Box Expansion Function]

To configure the User Box Expansion function, click [Display].

[Confidential RX]

To add the Confidential RX function to a User Box, select the [Confidential RX] check box. Also enter the password for confidential RX (using up to eight characters).

The entered password is required for sending a fax using Confidential TX to this machine. Inform the sender of the password you entered here.

To use this function, the optional Fax Kit is required.

[Auto Save Document to MFP Shared Folder]

To share files saved in the Public User Box of the machine using the SMB protocol on the network, select [ON].

If you select [ON], select whether to encrypt SMB communications with the client machine in [SMB Communication Encryption]. To use the encryption function, the password must be specified for the User Box. Enabling encryption accesses only from client machines of SMB 3.0 or later.

This setting is available when:

  • [Public] is selected in [Type];

  • [SMB Server Settings] and [Share SMB File Setting] are enabled in [Network] - [SMB Setting] - [SMB Server Settings] of the administrator mode; and

  • The [Confidential RX] check box is not selected.

[OFF] is specified by default.