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Web Connection

Web Connection

Web Connection is a built in utility software product for management use.

By using a Web browser on your computer, you can simply confirm the status of this machine and configure various machine settings.

Although character input such as address entry and network setting is a difficult process using the touch panel, it can be carried out easily if you use the computer.

Operating environment




Ethernet (TCP/IP)

Web browser

Microsoft Internet Explorer 9/10/11

Microsoft Edge

Mozilla Firefox latest version

Google Chrome latest version

Safari latest version (Mac OS/iOS)

  • JavaScript and Cookies must be enabled by your Web browser.

  • Also, you need to enable the MSXML3.0 (Free Threaded XML DOM Document and XSL Template) add-on.

  • When an attempt is made to connect this machine to Web Connection using Safari (iOS version) via a proxy server, it may cause a connection failure. In this case, change the HTTP setting of the proxy server to HTTP1.1, then retry a connection.