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Saving/Forwarding a Fax Which Cannot Be Printed (In-memory Proxy Reception)

In-memory proxy reception

When the machine cannot print a received fax due to paper jam or exhaustion of consumables, the received fax is stored in the memory until this machine is ready to print.

If it is not possible to promptly deal with the problem, the saved fax can be forwarded to another destination.

In-memory proxy reception functions automatically.

  • Memory proxy reception is disabled when there is no remaining memory space.

  • When the troubleshooting is complete for paper jam etc., the machine starts printing a saved fax.

Forwarding fax received and stored in the memory (in-memory proxy reception)

  1. Tap [Job List].

  2. Select a job received using in-memory proxy reception, then tap [Forward].

    • Use [Select Job Ty] to narrow down jobs to be displayed in the list.

  3. Select a job to be forwarded, specify the forwarding destination and then tap [OK].

    • You can either directly enter a forwarding destination by tapping the input area or the keyboard icon, or select one from destinations registered in the machine by tapping the list icon.

  4. Tap [Start] or press the Start key.

    Forwarding starts.

  • When a fax saved is forwarded to a non-fax address, the fax is converted into the file format that is specified as the default in the fax/scan mode.