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Sending a Fax Using an Additional Line ([Select Line])

Using an additional line

When multiple lines are used, you can select a line for sending a fax.

Using additional lines enables you to send a fax using an idle line or assign lines to send a fax.

  • If the line specified to send a fax is not available, the job is discarded.

  • When registering destinations with an address book, you can configure the lines used to transmit faxes in addition to registering fax numbers.

  • This function cannot be used together with the following functions.
    Polling TX, Polling TX (Bulletin Board).

  • If no line has been specified to send a fax, you can select whether to automatically switch the line to be used (default: [Yes]). For details, refer to Here.

Operations required to use this function (for the administrator)

Configure a specific function for additional line. If you set a specific function for each line, you can use each line for a different purpose.

For details on how to configure the settings, refer to Here.

  • You cannot specify a line if [Multi Line Settings] is set to [RX Only].

Operation flow

  1. Load the original.

  2. Tap [Scan/Fax].

  3. Specify the destination.

  4. Tap [Application] - [Fax Setting] - [Line Setting].

  5. Select a line used for transmission in [Select Line], then tap [OK].

  6. Press the Start key.

    Transmission begins.