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Preparation Flow

Connecting this machine to a telephone line

Checking the modular cable connection

Specifying the type of telephone line

The dialing method must be correctly specified to ensure communications.

Making connection setting for Private Branch Exchange (PBX) environment

When you use this machine in a PBX environment, register an outside line number.


Setting up an environment to send and receive faxes

Selecting a receiving method

Select Auto RX or Manual RX according to your environment.

Registering the sender information

Register the machine name, your company name (sender name), and the fax number of the machine that are to be printed on all pages of a fax.

Setting the date and time for the machine

Set the date and time on this machine to be printed on sent and received faxes.


Configuring the machine to your environment

Registering frequently used fax numbers

This will save you the trouble of entering a destination each time you send data.

Setting up the usage of an additional line

When multiple lines are used, specify the method to use each line.

Using an LDAP server to specify addresses

When the LDAP server or Active Directory is used, you can search for a destination on the server.


Preparation finished